NWMPC Controlled Substance Policy

Northwest Mineral Prospectors Club Controlled Substance Policy

Controlled Substance Policy


To provide Members consequences for sharing of controlled substances. This policy addresses the sharing of controlled substances at Club sponsored outing, meeting, event or on Club claims or Club owned property.

Policy Details:      

Members must obey all applicable Local, State and Federal laws.  Members must not share controlled substances at any Club sponsored outing, meeting event or on Club claims or Club owned property.

If there is a requestor of controlled substances who does not actually receive a substance from anyone they asked of; the requestor is subject to disciplinary actions by the Club.

Sharing of controlled substances will be grounds for both the requestor and the grantor to be placed under disciplinary actions by the Club.

Disciplinary actions would include: Following notice by Registered/Return Receipt Letter, there will be a hearing for each party involved before the Officers of the Club, where they would determine the guilt of the parties. Following the hearings any Member found in breach of the club policy would be placed on probation for 1 year. If there were a reoccurrence of the problem within the probationary time then that person would be subject to removal of their membership. If the Member completed their probation time successfully then the member returns to good standing status. If the Officers found there wasn’t enough evidence to find a party guilty then the individuals would remain in good standing. It is discretionary to the Officers of the Club to maintain tabs on any member who has multiple accusations brought before them if a pattern evolves to the extent they feel it endangers the Club they may put that Member on probation.

Probation will include: the guilty party signing a letter stating they understand the policy and that the Officers have found them to be in breach of the Club policy and should they reoffend within the next year they will be expelled from the Club.

Any Member who has been expelled from the Club due to breach of the controlled substance policy will be eligible for membership at the discretion of the Officers after 2 years. The Club would like to see that the individual has gone through some steps to recovery during that time.


All Members are responsible for abiding by this policy. If anyone notices these actions going on they are obligated to report them to the Club Officers or Board Members as soon as they can.