Join Our Club

Benefits of NWMPC Membership

  • Membership Cards and Prospecting permits; good on all NWMPC claims
  • Maps to all claims and special open areas
  • Subscription to The ORE/WASH GAZETTE newsletter
  • Technical support in filing your own claims and obtaining state and federal permits
  • Personal trip support in planning individual outings for gold and other minerals
  • All classes and training sessions are free
  • Free Camping for kids and family at all NWMPC outings and events

You will be invited to participate in

  • Monthly meetings for members and families
  • Raffles with great prizes such as prospecting supplies, metal detectors, gold nuggets and more
  • Weekend, three-day, & week long outings
  • Annual Sportsman Show in Portland Oregon
  • Classes and training sessions, summer and winter schedules to improve your prospecting
  • NWMPC booths at fairs and other events
  • Helping to organize and direct activities

Guest are Welcome to the Meetings, Events, and Outings

Download Current NWMPC Memership PDF Application Form

Membership App Prospecting Agreement revision 9, July 2014